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Apr 29, 2010
Anattitude magazine participates with Jee-Nice's "Here's a little story..." women in Hip Hop timeline at "Where My Ladies At?!" expo in Rotterdam. Opening may 15th 2010.
Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam

check out the full program here!

Here's a little story... women in Hip Hop timeline by Jee-Nice
photo credit: Historisch Museum Rotterdam
Where My Ladies At?!


Nov 01, 2009
From Brussels to Frankfurt we took the car packed with new copies of Anattitude and gloom magazine to clebrate the release at Deo records/Azita Press.

Deo Records/Azita Press
october 22th 2009


Nov 01, 2009
Anattitude release party was a blast, Le Tavernier was so crowded like never before, hahaha. Supafly girls & Anattitude brought real Hip Hop to Brussels... featuring Fatoosan, Miki, DJ Lyrik and Coffee Break Crew, the Beat Drunx, Lefto and the one and only Yarah Bravo!!! Plus dope photography by Lizairo and live graffiti by Kool Koor.

If you missed the Anattitude release party in Brussels thats a problem, but thanx to Lefto for this dope can see what it was all about!

Thanks to all the supafly girls, thanks to Lefto, Fatoosan, Miki, the Coffee Break Crew, the Beat Drunx crew, Yarah, Kool Koor and everybody involved to make this event happen! And a very special thanks to JoBee, Orsii and Julien of Laid Back.

Lizairo & Yarah


Oct 31, 2009
Anattitude Magazine has teamed up with Kweenz Destroy to give away Issue #3 (Old School Hip Hop) to the first 18 customers... Supersonic!

Check out the new line, cause Kweenz Destroy linked up with French goddess Fafi on a super limited edition T-shirt collabo! Also, the new bubble throw ups, Killa Divas, the Leila Khaled tee or the classic logo tank top is a must have!

Kweenz Destroy is pure realness! Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Check out the new lookbook!

And don't forget: NYC graffiti artist Indie184 a.k.a. Kweenz Destroy is featured in the newest issue of Anattitude!


Sept 30, 2009
Jee Nice & JoBee with SUPAFLY girls present:

We are celebrating the 4th edition of Anattitude magazine with:

MIKI (Gent)
FATOOSAN (Brussels)
LEFTO (Brussels)

Live performances:

our special guest: YARAH BRAVO!!! (London)

LIZAIRO (photography)
KOOL KOOR (graffiti)

+ a b-girls performance by YIPHUN and B-GIRL STORMY

Come and jam with us!

WHEN: 17th of october
WHERE: Le Tavernier, 445 Chaussée de Boondael, 1050 Brussels


This event is completely free, yeaaaaaahhh, free entrance, so we need your support to make it happen!

We have some lovely t-shirts for sale in all different sizes, from Men S - XXl and Women S and M.
Please get one to support our movement.

Supafly is a collective of 7 female artists. Check our facebook group for more info.

Just mail us your name, which T-shirt and size you want at contact (at)!


Sept 30, 2009
Younity is back for its third annual Fresher! exhibition, bringing female artists from all over the globe to a universal space, allowing for a free-form of expression. Opening October 3, 2009 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center in the Lower East Side section of New York City and running until October 23, 2009, the exhibit is not your average 'white-wall' art show; the all-female collective will transform the art space into an eco-funhouse of raw materials and street art. Elements such as graffiti, photography, design and construction are used to connect ideas about consumerism, environmentalism, health, and renewable energy.

Exhibiting artists at Fresher! include SHIRO, Diana McClure, Kerri O'Connell, LICHIBAN, Krista Franklin, Kelly Denato, Niz, Paulina Quintana Jornet, and Cece Carpio, to name a few. Only 40 out of 300 female artists were selected to participate in this special exhibit. FRESHER! features main-stay YOUNITY artists such as Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, and AIKO while introducing emerging artists such as China Morbosa and Amanda Lopez. YOUNITY Co-Founders and artists, Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY, continue to push the collective to new levels of creativity. For more information, hit up the website and check out the press release below! (source: Sneaker Freaker)

For more informations check out their website: YOUNITY

PRESS HOUR: 7pm-8pm
Opening Reception: 8pm - 11pm
October 3, 2009 - October 24, 2009
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
between Rivington Street and Delancey Street
F train to Delancey


Jun 03, 2009
Jee is also making history. So check out the latest interview with M.I.S.S. (and the post below for more informations about the Women Making History series). Once again thanks to Gabriella and Liz.



Apr 24, 2009
Once again....better late than never! M.I.S.S. honored in their their Women’s History Month 2009 37 outstanding ladies who truly deserve the shine!!! Word!

Read the incredible interviews and features, amongst them Miss Rosen of powerhouse books, photographer Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptiste, Kelly B. of Princess of the Posse, designer Isabelle Lumpkin, Tee of, Samia Grand Pierre of HighSnobette, Radio Rose Garcia, Kerri O’Connell of Good Wood NYC, and also Joan Baez, Maria Callas, etc... can't name them all.

Thanks to Gabriella and Liz for this dope collection.... very inspiring!

They will continue their Women Making History features throughout the year. If somebody is ever interested in seeing someone featured on M.I.S.S. Crew, please feel free to email them: miss (at) and give them a feedback in the comments section!



Apr 24, 2009
Better late than never! For all those who couldn't be part of this dope expo curated by Indie 184 .... check out the video and more photos and infos on Indie's page.

>> Indie 184

Indie 184 - courtesy of Elizabeth Sagarin

video by Stern Rockwell


Apr 22, 2009
Some months ago I posted the new book of Sherrie-Sher talking about her all-female-MC-and-DJ-crew "Mercedes Ladies" from back in the days. Thanks to Davey D we can see what this pioneering Hip Hop MC has to say about that time when MCing was done for the love, no money involved... when the Mercedes Ladies were carrying their equipement by themselves to the Park Jams playing with the L Brothers... watch out and get your copy of the book!

>> Davey D
>> KRS-One bigs up Mercedes Ladies


Apr 08, 2009
I highly recommend these two french blogs Echoes of Concrete and which wrote btw very nice words (in french!!) about Anattitude.

You have to check that out!!!

Thanks again to Silvia and Liz!
>> Echoes of Concrete


Mar 27, 2009
A group exhibition curated by Indie 184

April 10 - May 4, 2009

McCaig Welles Gallery is pleased to announce Queenz Arrive…, a group exhibition presented by Indie 184. Queenz Arrive… celebrates selected matriarchs of contemporary graffiti culture. This elite group of international female artists will showcase their intricate styles and personalities; bringing a refreshing perspective on the street art gallery scene.

McCaig Welles Gallery // 129Roebling Street, Suite B // Brooklyn, NY 11211

Claw Money (NYC) // Mickey (Amsterdam) // Hera (Germany) // Nina (Brazil) // Fafi (Paris) // Siloette (San Francisco) // Acet (New Jersey) // Zori4 (Puerto Rico) // Spice (Australia) // EGR (Canada) // Koralie (NYC/FRANCE) // Klor (Canada) // Femme9 (Kansas) // Sherm (Los Angeles) // Martha Cooper (NYC) //INDIE184 (NYC)

>> McCaig Welles Gallery
>> Kweenz Destroy
>> Indie 184


Mar 27, 2009
Remember "Mic Sounds Nice" from Salt-N-Pepa?

"My mic sound nice, check one... My mic sound nice, check two... My mic sound nice, check three ... Are you ready to rock-rock y'all...To the beat y'all?... A-keep on and you don't stop... Rockin' on, keep rockin' on..."

Thanks to P-Tess and Nigal, Jee-Nice will be on air at "Mic Sounds Nice" radioshow on the 9th of april! Holla at you ladies! So turn on the radio and WIN SOME FREE ANATTITUDE COPIES!

"experimental hip hop, female rap, freestyle aus zürich, spoken words aus aller welt, und immer wieder der unvergessliche oldschool-spirit - all das blüht dir, bei mic sounds nice, der hip hop-radioshow auf radio lora, 97,5 mhz, jeden 2. donnerstag im monat von 22-24 uhr..."
>> Mic Sounds Nice radioshow


Mar 08, 2009
Anattitude will be at colophon festival. Colophon is a biennial symposium for magazine makers, experts, advertisers, readers and all creatives involved in the world of the independent magazine.

>> Colophon 2009


Feb 02, 2009
"Just Jammin' Fresh and Def" - the supersonic ladies JJ Fad are back!

Formed in '88 - disbanded in '92 and back in 09 to rock the mic and to celebrate their 20th anniversary of "Supersonic." JJ Fad is now signed to Uncle Louie Management and Uncle Louie Music Group. Watch out for their rerelease of "Supersonic - The Album" coming up in february.

>> J.J.Fad
>> Uncle Louie Music Group


Jan 31, 2009
Here comes another great edition of D-Nice True Hip Hop Stories!

Enjoy the great Monie Love!

>> D-Nice
>> Monie Love


Jan 23, 2009
Here comes another great compilation!

Straight outta London, Soul Jazz Records drops "Fly Girls! B-Boys Beware: Revenge of the Super Female Rappers!"
After last years great compilation "Ladies First - a female rap mix" by Peanut Butter Wolf, comes "Fly Girls!" which is more a history journey into the last 30 years of female rap - celebrating the 30th anniversary of female rap on record.

"Fly Girls!" starts with classic black poetry spoken-word by Nikki Giovanni "Ego Tripping" (1971), Sarah Webster Fabio "Glimpses" of 1972 and Camille Yarborough "Take Yo' Praise" (1975). These ladies must have inspired everybody in the rap history. Everybody knows "Take Yo' Praise" which was heavily sampled by Fatboy Slim twenty years later. "Vicious Rap" by the sisters Paulette Tee and Tanya "Sweet Tee" Winley was the first female rap to be brought on wax in 1979. This early one was a family production, produced by mother Ann and released by father Paul on Winley Records. 17 year old Lady B from Philadelphia drops the same year the first record out of New York with the classic joint "To The Beat Y'All". Next one, the classic funky jazzy joint "Jazzy Sensation" (1981) by the Kryptic Krew feat. Tina B. which is on the B-Side of Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5 of the same title (Tommy Boy). And don't forget the classic "Funky Sensation" by Gwen McCrae.
"Fly Girls!" features classic 80ies rap tracks like "Simon Says" by The Sequence Crew, "Cha Cha Cha" by MC Lyte, "Ladies First" by Queen Latifah, "Suckers DJ" by Dimples D and "B-Boys Beware" by the Two Sisters. You also find the diss track "You're Going Down" by J.J.Fad, "I Can't Stop" and "Bite This" from the Battle Queens Sparky D (with whom we did a great interview in our latest Anattitude issue "old school") and Roxanne Shanté. And not to forget the Ladies from London, the Cookie Crew with "Success" (also in the latest Anattitude issue) and the She Rockers (not with my favourite track "On Stage" but) with "Give It A Rest".
Bahamadia with "Paper Thin" (her '96 version of the classic MC Lyte version of 1988) and Missy Elliott with "The Rain" (1997) are representing the Nineties.

This compilation is a must-have for everybody, bringing rare and classic, funky, also hardcore rap tracks out of your speakers.

Thanks to Stuart for announcing Anattitude!

Get yours!

>> Fly Girls! B-Boys Beware: Revenge of the Super Female Rappers!


Jan 10, 2009
A new fresh radio show of TG The Analog Master of Desaster's "Ladies Night" is ready to download.
Dope as always, TG schools you with classic joints of the Sequence crew, Miss Shanté, Sparky Dee, Queen Lisa Lee, Sweet Tee, the Glamour Girls, Lady T, Bee-Side, Wanda Dee, MC Malika Love and many many more! And a lot of incredible infos!!! Big up to TG... your show is great!

>> download the Old School Radio Hour Ladies Night #3


Jan 09, 2009
Dopest party of the year! Be there or be square!

Dope Pose - The Party - on january the 9th at the Coupole Biel with LSD (German Hip Hop Pioneers) live in concert, Kayzee, Zambo, Cutmaster GB, Schoolmate 508, CEO Müller and Samhattan on the wheels of steel! Jee-Nice will not be there cause she is lying in bed with a stomach flu. So all you dope pose people be there or be square! It's gonna be so dope!!!

>> Dope Pose


Dec 30, 2008
Anattitude is now also available at SIXXA in Vienna, MC Nally Books in NYC, Piccadilly Records in Manchester, Mac Fly in Gent, Do you read me in Berlin, Deo Records in Frankfurt and so on and on...!!

To find Anattitude in your town please check the points-of-sale list here and get your copy!

>> Mac Fly (Gent)
>> SIXXA (Vienna)
>> Piccadilly Records (Manchester)
>> do you read me?! (Berlin)
>> McNally Jackson Books (New York)
>> Deo Records (Frankfurt)

Please check also SIXXA- Streetwear for Tomboys in Vienna. "Sixxa is about girls doing their own thing. Active girls who live their dreams and have a certain attitude towards life. No matter what you do, do it for the right reasons, stay real." Word!





Dec 3, 2008
check out the Hypemag - a nice magazineblog from Switzerland - they do not sleep on the ladies!

>> Hypemag


Nov 28, 2008
I would like to present you the really dopest project I have seen in the last months. I wish it was mine!!
Really, I'm so impressed by it...wooooowwwwwww!
It comes from the lady named Nirit Peled and Dave Hemmingway (their creative, audio-visual oranization is called Mamamess) and the project is "Say My Name".....remember Destiny's Child..haha. Nirit and Dave are living in Amsterdam....but "Say My Name" is a worldwide project about women who are making their "thing"!

"Hip Hop is my first and only true love" (MC Lyte)

<< "Say My Name" is a documentary film set in the multicultural innercity communities of London, New York, Chacago, Detroit, LA and Atlanta. It tells the stories of female MCs and RnB singers, and the women whom they inspire. The story is built around narratives from these entrepreneurs-mothers-artists who are fighting to be themselves in a society that creates few chances for women. The film is now in its final stages of post-production, and will premier in the next festival season.>> (Say My Name)

"Say My Name" is featuring Sparky D, MC Lyte, Monie Love, Invincible, Apani B, Jean Grae, Remy Ma, Eryka Badu, and many many more!!

Keep eyes and ears open for the upcoming "Say My Name" movie!! I can't wait to see the whole film.

>> Say My Name
>> Mamamess


Nov 27, 2008
Yo, it's time to say,... Anattitude just arrived NYC.
The latest issue is now available at

McNally Jackson Books, 52 Prince St., New York, NY 10012

"Welcome to McNally Jackson Books, (est. December 2004), a big, beautiful independent bookstore in New York's Nolita, where Soho, Noho, the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy meet (it's also a stone's throw from Tribeca, the East Village, West Village, and Wall Street.... Not to mention a quick subway ride from Brooklyn, a bike ride from Harlem, and a PATH fare from the great state of New Jersey). In other words, we're right in the middle of the criss-crossing currents of New York's eclectic cultural life and we're determined to capture that invigorating swirl in our mix of books, media, and events." (McNally Jackson Books)

>> McNally Jackson Books


Nov 26, 2008
Ladies, turn on the radio and listen to Double D's "Funky Fresh" radioshow next saturday (29th) from 15 - 17 and win one of the latest issue of Anattitude!
Shouts out to Double D!

>> Funky Fresh on Radio X
>> Double D


Nov 26, 2008
Normally I do not announce a review, but this one is so nice that I really have to do it!

Sonja Eismann, one of the heads of german's best magazine "Missy" (I hope everybody bought already the first issue) and btw german's best pop feminist journalist wrote a very nice review about Anattitude for the Austrian radiostation FM "Die stylische Bibel für weibliche Hip Hop Kultur"!
Thanks to Sonja!!!

>> Missy Magazine >> Sonja's Plastikmädchen
>> Hot Topic. Popfeminismus heute (Hg. Sonja Eismann) 2007


Nov 26, 2008
Remember Wanda Dee?
Hip Hop' first female DJ, one of the first zulu Queen of the Zulu Nation and the first female DJ to appear in a Hip Hop movie... remember it was "Beat Street". 1989 she changed from deejaying to rapping and made a real name for herself with the bouncy rap track "To The Bone/The Goddess" (Tuff City). Later Wanda Dee becomes the voice of The KLF with "What Time is Love" and "Last Train to Trancentral" and gave them maximum of sex appeal.

Werner von Wallenrod is really great!!! Everytime I'm on his page and blog I find something new and fresh.... So ladies and gentlemen, please check his dope interview with the super sexy Diva WANDA DEE!

Wanda Dee: "... From there, Eric felt like all women in Hip Hop were way too masculine and that the only way to beat a man is by being the one thing he cannot be... 100% WOMAN! So, he called in folks like renowned double jointed vogue specialist, Willie Ninja to teach me to walk in heels, Gerard Dure' (also one of my original dancers, as well) to do my hair & make up and some kick-ass, incredible dancers, all under his choreographic, production and staging genius...."

>> read also Werner's review about Wanda Dee's rap classic "To the Bone/The Goddess"
>> check Wanda Dee's dope"To the Bone" video on rapmania!

Wanda Dee is one-of-a-kind ...."Beat Street"


Nov 26, 2008
What about Isis a.k.a. Lin Que?

"Peace, we are the sisters of Blackwatch continuing the strength in black women coming forth with the rebel step, the rebel soul..."

Lin Que is like MC Lyte one of the ladies who are really married with Hip Hop over so many decades. She started as MC Isis, also member of the X-Clan and the Blackwatchmovement with her debut "Rebel Soul" on Island Recods in 1990. Later she has written songs for MC Lyte, she opened up the management and production company "Duke The Moon" also together with Lyte. In 1995 she released "Let It Fall" featuring Lyte. But before going back solo releasing her new album "Godspeed" in 2007 she become a member of the Deadly Venoms.

Read the dope and very interesting interview Werner von Wallenrod did with Lin Que this year....!

>> Lin Que's site
>>"GODspeed" on CD Baby

Isis "Rebel Soul" (1990)

Isis "The Power of Myself is Moving" (1990)

Lin Que Feat. MC Lyte "Let It Fall" (1995)


Nov 13, 2008
Did you all buy the first issue of german's pop-feminist magazine "Missy"? I hope so! There you'll find a little but cool review about Anattitude, thanks to Elke! We had Martha Cooper in our latest issue of Anattitude with a dope interview, yeah ...but you all have to check the video-interview with Martha on Missy TV at the "Tag Town" bookrelease during our "Hip Hop Ladies with Attitude" expo we did in Berlin!

Big respect to the ladies of Missy Magazine!

>> Missy Magazine


Nov 13, 2008
Its been a little while!

Three babies at the same issue of AM, expo "Hip Hop Ladies with Attitude in Berlin and the birth of Jee's little baby boy Léon!
Now we are back in full effect!


Aug 19, 2008
Welcome to the third issue of Anattitude Magazine, proudly presenting the ladies from back in the days.
First, forget what you heard about Hip Hop being a man’s world. “Once upon a time, Hip-Hop was a culture, not a commodity” writes Sheri Sher in her novel “The Mercedes Ladies” (vibe 2008). For more than 30 years ago, about 1976 Sha-Rock of Funky 4+1 and the girls from the all-female DJ-and MC-crew Mercedes Ladies started to spit their rhymes and spin their turntables. The first female rap on wax came 1978 by the sisters Paulette Tee and Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley. 1979 Sylvia Robinson built up the legendary Sugar Hill record label. And so on and on... So let’s dig a little deeper into Hip Hop history and let’s see what this huge Hip Hop culture was about in the late 70s and the early 80s?




Anattitude #3 comes out with a special supplement of all-female graff magazine "Catfight".

to read more what the issue is all about - open the Pressrelease - Anattitude Magazine #3


Aug 18, 2008
Catfight Magazine, Anattitude Magazine and We B*Girlz proudly present the 10-days exhibition “Hip Hop Ladies with Attitude - Jammin’ Fresh & Def” during the one-month female Hip Hop festival “We B*Girlz”. After publishing magazines for several years we feel it’s time to present the rich and previously unreleased history of female Hip Hop in general and female graffiti in particular to the public. read more ..... and see the whole program!


July 23, 2008

Aug 01 - Press conference
Aug 07-10 - We B*Girlz Filmfestival
Aug 08 - Faith47 exhibition
Aug 09 - panel discussion with Alice Schwarzer, Sookee, Pyranja etc.
Aug 14 - Raphistory 1988
Aug 16 - Graffiti-Box with We B*Girlz Special
Aug 20 - “Got Soul?”
Aug 22-31 - “Hip Hop Ladies with Attitude” Exhibition with DJ Mok La Rok & P-Tess
Aug 28 - Catfight Jam
Aug 28 - "Tag Town" book release
Aug 29 - We B*Girlz Concert - Closing Panel discussion
Aug 29 - End of the Week Female MC Battle
Aug 30 - “Dance Off”

For detailed infos go to


July 08, 2008

You loved the first one now it's back with a vengeance. Included on this edition is a telephone interview with the legendary Missy Dee of The Melody Crew with the premiere of the 1981 single, "Missy Missy Dee", more classic hip hop cuts featuring the hot ladies and special appearances by Zulu Queen Michele, B-Girl Smiles, and b-boys Zero & I20.

Big shout out to TG, the analog master of desaster!!!

Download this legendary show directly here on the Old School Radio Hour
>> The old School Radio Hour blog
>> The old School Radio Hour

photos courtesy of Missy Dee for Anattitude #3


June 14, 2008
Just found the original raps of Lisa Lee and Sha Rock who were resampled in the The Go! Team's "Grip Like A Vice" (2007) track. The original material comes from the BBC documentary "Beat This: A Hip-Hop History" directed by Dick Fontaine (1984).

Sophisticated queen M.C.
Yes of course that's me, mistress of ceremony
The one that's gonna take it to the top of the key
Introducing myself: M.C. Lisa Lee

The blast from the past, superb in every word
Soupest female rapper, yes the best you heard
Lisa Lee is known to to be the people's choice
I get parties rocking with my sensuous voice

And when you see the queen walking up the street
I'm not souped up, conceited, just incognit'
I make the fellas sweat cuz I keep their bodies hot
It's a woman's world, you got to give it what you got

Well I'm Sha, party people, and I'm ready to rock
And if you wanna be down, you gotta gimme what you got
My fellas in the place, I won't steer you wrong
You gotta give it up or le-leave it alone

So get ready for this
Get ready for this
Party people in the place, get ready for this
To you!
So what you wanna do?
So do you wanna rock the house and turn this mutha out?
Fly girls, are you with us?
And if you're ready to rock, to help me turn it out
Fly girls, are you with us?
And if the world know what we're talkin' about

To all the ladies (yeah!) I want you to listen
Hey, ladies! (yeah!) 1980!
Watch out for the fellas (yeah!) that'll drive you crazy
Look out, ladies! (yeah!)
And if the world know what we're talkin' about


June 14, 2008

Yo everybody remembers Yo! MTV Raps!
It's time for Yo! MTV Raps 20th Anniversary.... So check out MTV's short trailer with the ladies of the early 90s.
Go to YO MTV RAPS - Ladies First


June 07, 2008

just found this dope video...have this track since several years on wax and play it everytime cause of its amazing energy!

enjoy Tara Chase & Apani B Fly in "The Trilogy"

"Apani means motion, Apani means action...."

Go to Apani's myspace and check the link for her first album "Story to tell" which was only released in Japan. It's for free and still so fresh!!!

And don't miss her on stage at the Hip Hop Kemp....Czech Republic.


May 26, 2008

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Jeanius - official release June 17th.

Jean Grae's 9th Wonder-produced Jeanius album has been in the works for the past 2 1/2 years, and will finally see the light of day this year, hopefully soon. ... Jeanius will have four different album covers which all play homage to past hip hop classic albums. Grae's Jeanius also pays tribute to such old school artists as Public Enemy, Das EFX, Black Sheep, and Raekwon which can also be seen by Jeanius' four different album covers that will each be released with different covers for the different formats, i.e. Public Enemy for U.S. release, Black Sheep for international, Raekwon for digital release, and Das EFX for vinyl format. (Source:

>> Jean Grae // "Love Thirst" video


May 25, 2008

Wow, just discovered this incredible book!
Sherri Sher, one of the MCs of the first all-female MC and DJ crew ever - "The Mercedes Ladies" - wrote a book over her days back in the days. For all those who still don't know... The Mercedes Ladies was an all-female-MC-and-DJ-crew - the first one around 1977- consisting of 4 MCs: Zena Z, EverDef, Sherrie Sher, Debbie Dee und 2 DJs: DJ Baby D und DJ RC. They never brought any lyrics on wax, but they are represented on numerous tapes, lucky the ones who have some! They rocked the stage with Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Busy Bee, Starski and The Cold Crush. And Debbie Dee will perform later in 1984 with Lisa Lee and Sha Rock as "Us Girls" on "Beat Street" with "Us Girls can Boogie Too".

Can't wait to have it in my hand....!!!

>> More about The Mercedes Ladies on Vibe
>> More about The Mercedes Ladies on Amazon


May 22, 2008

<< Supported by the “Hauptstadtkulturfonds” and with support of the mayor, we will organize one of the biggest festivals for women in Hip Hop so far, a 4-week Festival with workshops, panel discussions, film festival, exhibitions, battles and shows. We B*Girlz wants to present a strong role model for adolescent girls. Women play an important role in Hip Hop culture, but are presented by the media mostly as scantily dressed background dancers. We B*Girlz Productionz wants to show that women mastered skills in all aspects of Hip Hop and have earned a place in Hip Hop history. We will celebrate their creativity with a one month festival in August 2008 in Berlin. It will be the first festival of its kind in Europe comparable only to the B-Girl Be in Minneapolis which was celebrated for the 3rd time in 2007 and unfortunately will be suspended this year. Beginners will be able to learn different ways of expressing themselves, advanced artists will be able to study further in master classes given by international artists, and the audience will be able to indulge in dance music and art. Our intention is to provide a platform for girls and young women from different nations and cultural backgrounds to make contacts, exchange ideas, and support each other. The We B*Girlz Festival will provide girls with the tools to be creative in the different aspects of Hip Hop and will also teach them how to document their own culture through multimedia.

More information on We B*Girlz festival site and on We B*Girlz myspace


May 21, 2008

Sneaker Freaker Magazine decided to dedicate this weeks edition of Sneaker Freaker to Sneaker Freakette, with an entire front page of women's new releases, articles/interviews, newsflashes, videos and features.

Go & check out the Sneaker Freakette at Sneaker Freaker magazine and join the Freakette Forum.

Big shout out to DJ M.A.F.I.A. of SF, who made it possible.

featuring interviews with:

- Kendo LA (the world's only surviving all female sneaker store)
- Yasi @ Cultist (the first female only online store)
- Anattitude (European women in Hip Hop mag)
- Erin Magee's Made Me brand
- Mama
-Married To The Mob, etc.


- Hayley Mei
- Hellz Bellz
- Roxy Cottontail, and much much more.


May 13, 2008

We have been waiting so long, but now only some more days....
Detroit's MC Invincible, one lady of the all-female collective Anomolies will drop her first longplayer "shape shifters" on may the 17 th....
"Invincible’s versatility shines through on ShapeShifters over production by Waajeed, Black Milk, Lab Techs, House Shoes, and more. She is part of a community on the frontline of innovating the future of music, including featured guests Tiombe Lockhart, Finale, Wordsworth, Indeed, and Buff1. Every track stands alone in style, subject matter and concept. Together, the tracks form a cohesive unit that covers issues related to self and community transformation such as: the journey of a struggling artist, J Dilla and Proof's legacies, media monopoly, love/hate relationships, gentrification, faith, and beyond. Invincible’s visual lyricism is interwoven with heavy hitting musical backdrops, creating a compelling cinematic sound-scape." (source:

"Shape Shifters" is available may 17th at Emergence Music
>> Invincible on Myspace
>> Invincible interview in Anattitude Magazine #1


Apr 29, 2008
by Martha Cooper (Dokument Förlag)

Graffiti has spread to the far corners of the earth and in the process has become the biggest art movement in history and every graffiti writer began his or her writing career with a tag. Developing an original, consistently written name is the primary act for a writer. The photos in Tag Town, dating back to the 60’s, introduce us to the origins of New York style graffiti. Tags and pieces share a common heritage and by understanding one, you can understand the other. For those who learn to read tags, a world of aesthetic expression and communication opens up. Tags are a universal language – the jazz of lettering. Tag Town also contains rare photos of work on the street by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, artists whose tag-inspired work helped found the rapidly growing street art movement. The accompanying text is based on interviews with New York graffiti pioneers Blade, Part 1 and Snake 1. Martha Cooper has specialized in photographing urban art and architecture in New York City for thirty years. (source: Dokument Förlag)

>> Dokument Förlag


Apr 16, 2008
LA MELODIA "Vibing High"

Their debut album was already released in december 2006 in Japan and in september 2007 in Europe. But it's still worth to announce it, because it's one of the best existing female rap albums at the moment! If you need some fresh music for the summer days, check out!!!

For those who still don't know La Melodia, here some facts.....
La Melodia consists of MC Melodee and producer I.N.T., living in Amsterdam and Eindhoven (NL). They have been active in the Dutch Hip Hop scene for more than 10 years. Both were part of the Dutch crew "Imadodattaz" since 1998 and started La Melodia in 2004. They released their first 12" "Dough/For You" in September 2004 independently and this gave them 2005 the opportunity to be part of the European Stones Throw Tour "Disrupt Massacre Tour" with Oh No, Wildchild, Rocc C, etc. Also that same year they were approached by the Japanese label Handcuts Records to release the track "Keep it on" on a Handcut compil. Then Handcut Records released La Melodia's debut album Vibing High" in 2006. Dutch labels got a licensing rom PIAS Benelux, who released the album September 2007.

To all you Hip Hop heads out there....."Vibing High" is a must-have for this summer! The debut comes with 20 tracks with Melodee on the rhymes and I.N.T. on the beats. It features artists like Oh No & Rocc C from Stones Throw. "Vibing High" combines soulful, warm but also raw Hip Hop music with old school elements and samples. "Get Ready For This" is one of the dopest tracks with a cover of a Sha-Rock and Lisa Lee freestyle at the end...."Time", "Sugar For Mee" and "Vibing High" also very dope! But yeah the whole album is so dope !!!

>> check out the interview they gave for Anattitude # 1 (2005)
>> La Melodia


Apr 12, 2008
Stahhr tha F.E.M.C.E.E. is back!
After dropping her 12inch "Rhymefluid" in 2002 on Subverse Records here comes the first full length album "Almost Neva Was" (Beatvizion Music) of this very conscious MC from Georgia. Purchase "Almost Neva Was" only on ITunes with productions of MF Doom, Floyd the Locsmif, I.D.4 Windz and many more - it's really worth it!!!

Hear new & old stuff of the Stahhr on her myspace site and read an old interview from 2003 (english) on the germans ugrap site.


Apr 01, 2008
"The Sparky D Show" by TG-The Analog Master of Disaster

On my research about the legendary female MC Sparky D, I found the wonderful telephone interview made by TG - The Analog Master of Disaster for his "Old School Radio Hour" on Global Radio Show, made in 2007. Nearly two hours about the deffest Battle Queen Sparky Dee!

Sparky is talking about the beginning of her career, how she started with her all-female-crew "The Playgirls", how they met Spyder D and recorded "Ladies of the 80ies" on Sutra Records. She was featured by Spyder D on his '85 track "Placin the Beat". Then on New Years Eve...the biggest fight on the mic began. Spyder-D was hearing the young Rox spittin "Roxanne's Revenge" on Mr. Magics radio show in 1985/86 and spontaneously they produced the answer track "Sparky's Turn" on Nia Records (1985). One of the biggest fight on the mic began. The battle between Roxanne Shanté and Sparky D was like a fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, she is telling to TG. After productions with Marley Marl, DJ Red Alert, etc. Sparky dropped her first longplayer "Sparky D's World" in 1988 on famous B-Boy Records, also produced by Spyder-D.
Then the big break... a period over 16 years of drug addiction, domestic violence and homelessness. But in 2000 she came back and gave her life to Christ. She start up "Treasure Ministry", helping young people to choose the right way. And she is also back in the rap game in her good old hardcore manner, like we love her!
This and more... the whole Sparky D story in this wonderful interview! Thanks to TG - The Analog Master of Disaster and Sparky Dee, rock on!

And we are so glad to make an interview for the next "old schhol" issue for Anattitude Magazine with the real Battle Queen Sparky Dee, coming out in summer 08. Watch out!!

In the meantime hear some classic joints of Sparky in the interview, but also from her '88 album "This is Sparky D's world" (B-Boy Records) on Bust the Facts. Bust The Facts is a real dope site - where you'll find everything old school, watch also out for "B-Girls Live And Kicking" (a dope female old school compil by B-Boy Rec) on the same site and dig off Isis, Antoinette, Queen Mother Rage, Mistress & Madame E and others, enjoy!!!

Sparky D
Old School Radio Hour


Mar 19, 2008
A very special compilation by Peanut Butter Wolf, featuring the old school ladies on the mic. Some of them you might know like J.J.Fad and Roxanne Shanté, but most of them are really rare! This compil with the 30 baddest female MC's is a must-have!

Hear a snippet!


Feb 13, 2008
Le Shaun really pissed off in 1993 for not being respected in the rap game!
You can't show a man being castrated ... nobody wants to see a female doing ... watch it!


Jan 24, 2008
Sonja Eismann is talking about the super classic track "supersonic" of all-female-crew J.J.FAD in the Jungle World. Hit it BABY-D, SASSY-C, MC J.B.!!

808 Rapapapam
Vergessene Platten, Teil zwei: sonja eismann hört das Klackern des Drumcomputers, zu dem die Rapperinnen von J. J. Fad immer wieder das Wort »Supersonic« wiederholen

von Sonja Eismann

... Nur ein Track hatte es mir angetan, in dem dünne Frauenstimmen über synthetisch-minimalen Beats immer wieder das Wort »Super­sonic« wiederholten und von einem faszinieren­den Scheppern begleitet wurden. Erst Jahre spä­ter erfuhr ich, dass es sich bei diesem charakteristischen Klackern, das mein bevorzugter Electrosound wurde, um den so genannten Rim Shot eines Roland-TR-808-Drumcomputers handelte. Und ich erfuhr den Namen der Band: J.J. Fad, kurz für Just Jammin’ Fresh and Def, ein All-Girl-HipHop-Trio aus Los Angeles, das 1988 mit »Supersonic« in die US-Charts gelangte und mit dem ebenso betitelten Debüt­album als erste weibliche Rap-Gruppe für einen Grammy nominiert wurde. Produziert wurden Juana Burns alias MC J.B., Dania Birks alias Baby D und Michelle Franklin alias Sassy C von den späteren HipHop-Größen Dr. Dre, Arabian Prince, D.J. Yella und Eazy E, auf dessen Label Ruthless Records die Platte auch veröffentlicht wurde.
Read the full article!

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